Miracles for Maddie

Miracles do happen! When the right resources and the right people join forces, anything can happen. That is Maddie’s story. On a cold winter day in March, 2022, an individual was driving along and noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye in a culvert along the side of the road.  He stopped [...]


In February of 2017 this 8 month old white kitty named Gucci needed to visit Upstate Veterinary Specialties for a consult and Friends of SCAS was there to cover the costs.


Friends of Saratoga County Animal Shelter paid for Harvey to have a  surgery in April 2016 that needed to be done by a specialty veterinarian. We are excited to share this positive update with you all! Harvey is doing really well and is currently recovering in a foster home. He is on the road to [...]


This pretty little kitty received some help some help from Friends of SCAS in April 2016. Friends provided the funds so she could go see a cardiologist at Upstate Veterinary Specialties. Update on Lacy from a Friends of SCAS member and volunteer. "UPDATE on the cat Lacy - I visited my old school last week and [...]

Tinker Receives Dental Care

Tinker received dental care to treat severe gum disease and a skin condition with the help of Friends of SCAS. Tinker is a sweet 13 year old who was surrendered to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter in February 2016 because her owner passed away. Tinker's new mom adores her and is happy Friends was able [...]

Pat The Cat, Thundershirts and Hidey Beds

Friends of SCAS paid for Pat the Cat's surgery and we're happy to report Pat is well on his way to a full recovery. Pat the Cat was surrendered with a dislocated limb that the former owners could not pay to have corrected. Friends of SCAS also recently purchased some Thundershirts from Pampered Pooch for the insecure doggies and supplied [...]


The Friends of the Saratoga County Animal Shelter recently helped Lola, a surrender to the Saratoga shelter. The former owners stated that she had been spayed, which was not true. Lola was adopted out by to her forever home in February 2015 and developed a major infection in her uterus. She was operated on and needed to [...]