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Nacho & Idexx Lab Equipment


So what have the Friends of the Saratoga County Animal Shelter been up to? Well, so many things are always happening at the shelter. And our Friends group is always there to help in any way we can. Pets are being surrendered, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. Weekly spays and neuters are ongoing. But it is the special cases that need our help.

Take Nacho, a two-year-old pitty that came in as a stray in January, 2023, limping and in pain. No one ever claimed him. It was determined that he had an old leg fracture, possibly from being hit by a car. He also had a hip joint that appeared to be out of the socket, and an injury to his tail that required a partial amputation. It was determined that to repair his leg and hip injuries, he needed an FHO surgery that could not be performed at the shelter. Friends stepped up to cover his necessary surgery. The surgery and recovery were successful and Nacho was adopted into a loving home and is thriving.

A request came to Friends that the shelter would greatly benefit from updated lab equipment to expedite lab results and treatment plans, rather than having to send out specimens and wait for results. Our group once again responded and provided Idexx state of the art lab equipment. Most tests are now completed at the shelter and in a very timely manner. Idexx results are almost immediate.  The equipment allows uploads to the Idexx website and can compare test results to previously run tests. Having this equipment is much more cost effective for the shelter as well. It is user friendly and tech support is great. Treatment plans can now begin immediately.

These are just a couple of so many things that Friends supports in the shelter. We continue to say thank you to all who support us. Without you, we could not provide these ‘extras’ that are really not extras in the efforts to treat and save lives while in the care of the caring shelter staff.

Pictured are Nacho, Dr. Sara Sosnow with Sunkist, our partially paralyzed shelter cat, and the Idexx equipment that has had so much impact on treatment.